• just asking the questions
  • asking the questions and purchasing a product
  • purchasing and returning a product
  • registering complaints or provoking a conflict
  • Mystery shopper by phone
  • Mystery employee


Always up to date information
  • Online access to information from anywhere in the world at the "24 \ 7" format
  • No additional software is required to view and analyze information, just an Internet browser.
  • The online system allows to display data in real time and automatically recalculates the results as they become available.
Research scalability
  • Ability to quickly move from general totals and result tables and graphs to viewing each questionnaire, including such attachments as location photos and audio recording of the visit.
  • Ability to cover both the entire territory of the country and a particular region, area or settlement.
Engaging only target audience
  • The possibility of selecting Mystery Shoppers or respondents from the database using the criteria actual for research (geographic, demographic, gender, etc.) for maximum representativeness of the sample or for the most typical behavior as Mystery Shopper.
Different access levels to Customer Cabinet
  • The ability to differentiate the access level to Customer Cabinet according to the employee position.
  • (Director can see the whole data, Regional Managers have access to their responsibility region only, while Location Managers can see data about their Location only.
Universal wizard of tables and graphs
  • Flexible adjustment of the resulting tables - by periods, by sales points, by indicators and other sections of the information OLAP-cube, depending on the standards and Customer's goals.
  • Visual representation in diagrams and graphs.
  • The ability to export data in MS Excel format for further analytical processing.
Technical support and maintenance
  • We will not only customize the product for your business, but also, we will provide initial training on software product for your staff, provide them with training materials, and will always be handy if you have any questions on the system works.

Where our tool can be useful
what challenges it can solve

Where our tool can be useful and what challenges it can solve

  • Development and improvement of personnel motivation system
  • Objective personnel appraisal tool
  • Identification of needs and the formation of tasks for the staff training program
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of staff training
  • Assessment of compliance with customer service standards
  • Creation requirements for development or improvement of service standards
  • Research the competitors' businesses to compare with
  • Getting an additional competitive advantage "our service is better than that of competitors"
  • Monitoring the work of promoters to emphasize the promoted products
  • Identification of fraud cases, illegal sales of staff
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the sales workflow
  • Getting information on sales workflow improvement
  • Monitoring the franchisees to standards compliance
  • Monitoring the partners to compliance with the conditions of work (dealers, representatives)
  • Evaluation of loyalty program effectiveness
  • Obtaining information to develop or adjust loyalty programs


Rating of Agents for previous projects
  • Upon completion of the visit to the Location, the Coordinator puts out a rating of Agent. When choosing Agents for new Projects, you can filter and sort accounts by ratings from previous visits.
Date of Agent’s previous visit to the Location
  • When appointing an Agent for a visit to a location, the System generates a warning with the date when this Agent was visiting this Location and the Coordinator decides whether to assign a Agent to a new visit.
Online communication "Agent - Coordinator"
  • After submitting an Agent application for a visit and before the approval of the questionnaire, an Agent and the coordinator are constantly informed about each other's actions. One performs an action in the system, the other receives a notification about it.
Different levels of Personal Cabinet access
  • Different levels of access to the Customer’s account. For example, the project manager sees data for all Locations, the regional manager only for the Locations of his region, and the head of the location only his Location data.
Various types of questions
  • A wide range of types of questions to cover any tasks. From simple "yes / no" to plain text. There are also questions with the choice of option (ABCDE), with a rating scale and many others.
Different types of average ratings in Project statistics
  • Various methods for calculating the average indicators for groups of questions depending on the goals of the Project - arithmetic average, weighted average, etc.
Correction tables for staff assessment
  • If the task is to evaluate the staff separately, then for this there is a tool in the System, that allows exclude from the accounting issues that are not depending on staff and which should not affect to staff's assessment (motivation).
Financial Settlements with Agents
  • A separate module of the System allows you to keep track of all payments in favor of performers, payments are tied to projects, there are comments for non-standard payments (surcharge or deduction), various filters and data presentation forms.
Ongoing projects for operational planning
  • A separate unit of the System is designed for operational work on current projects, highlighting them from the general list and concretizing with additional fields, statuses and comments.